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Lykke fruit trees

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Received 20 March , accepted 18 Septembre , available online 4 OctoberThe red kapok tree, Bombax costatum is a tree species native to West Africa. Most of its organs or plant parts are of medicinal, food, and economic importance. The species is widely used for food and medicinal purposes and as timber. Yet B.

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A "doomsday vault" nestled deep in the Arctic received 60, new seed samples on Tuesday, including Prince Charles' cowslips and Cherokee sacred corn , increasing stocks of the world's agricultural bounty in case of global catastrophe.

Mounting concern over climate change and species loss is driving groups worldwide to add their seeds to the collection inside a mountain near Longyearbyen on Spitsbergen Island in Norway's Svalbard archipelago , about 1, kilometres about miles from the North Pole. The "Noah's Ark" of food crops is set up to preserve plants that can feed a growing population facing climate change.

The head of the genetic bank of the Nordic nations, Lise Lykke Steffensen, said every single seed in the vault "holds potential solutions for sustainable agriculture". A total of 36 regional and international institutions have contributed to the 60, samples that were deposited on Tuesday. The new arrivals include staple crops such as wheat and rice, as well as wild varieties of European apple trees. Also among the seeds are beans, squash and corn from the Cherokee Nation - the first Native American group to send crops to the vault - including their sacred White Eagle corn.

Britain's Prince Charles, who is known for his environmental advocacy, sent the seeds of 27 wild plants, including cowslips and orchids collected from the meadows of Highgrove, his country home. The latest shipment will bring the number of seed varieties, stored in three underground alcoves at an optimum minus 18 degrees CelsiusAround two or three million samples "would be a good idea to make the future of the food of mankind even more secure," Schmitz told AFP in the freezing cold of Longyearbyen.

Little betrays the huge size of this granary for humanity on the icy mountainside except for its distinctive entrance: two towering grey walls emerging from the bowels of earth, topped with mirrors and pieces of iron creating a reflection that glimmers in the darkness of the polar winter.

The seed store was launched in with financing from Norway with the aim of safeguarding biodiversity in the face of climate change, wars and other natural and man-made disasters, earning it the nickname "doomsday vault".

Its usefulness was spotlighted during Syria's civil war when researchers were able in to retrieve from the vault duplicates of grains lost in the destruction of Aleppo. The countries and institutions that deposit seeds in the vault retain ownership over them and can retrieve them when necessary. More than 5, species of plants are now stored in the Arctic Archipelago, a frozen landscape where almost nothing grows.

In , water seeped into its tunnel entrance when the permafrost that encases it began to melt as Arctic temperatures climbed unusually high. Norway has since financed work to insulate the vault from further effects of a warming and wetter climate, which scientists say is happening twice as fast in the Arctic than the global average.

File photo of the entrance to the Svalbard seed vault.

1 Roll Grafting Tape Garden Tools Fruit Tree Secateurs Engraft Branch bind UTSG

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Gerard N Gouwakinnou, Anne Mette Lykke, Achille E Assogbadjo, Brice Sinsin and particularly indigenous fruit tree species in developing.

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Anne Mette Lykke

Full Length Research Paper. Search for this author on: Google Scholar. Fruits of Ximenia americana have socio-economic value for the local people in West Africa. Understanding the possible influence of climate conditions on fruit production is a basis for better exploitation planning and sustainable management of the species. This study aims to assess the fruit production of X.

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Under the Apple Tree

Nick Brown February 16,The financial terms of the deal have not been made public. With numerous past coffee industry executives as partners, Wave has previously invested in other coffee ventures such as cold brew systems maker Bkon , commercial brewing equipment maker Tone , and the nonprofit Orang Utan Coffee Project. In addition to its Stockholm roastery and five farm operations, Lykke has opened a cafe in Stockholm. Courtesy photo.

The Little Book of Lykke

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Abstract—The socioeconomically important fruit tree Parkia biglobosa is becoming less as already witnessed by the local population (Lykke et al.


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